DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law, the BGL, and Miley Cyrus. Why the Surprise?


In my previous post, A Brief Summary of DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law or the BGL, the doctor describes why social acceptability of things related to sex is rapidly broadening. The other day a young mother acquaintance asked me what I thought about Miley Cyrus’ betrayal. My first response was, “Who is Miley Cyrus?” She looked at me as if I were an extinct dinosaur, and in a real sense I am! After the passing of Howdy Doody which I knew by name only, never having watched it, I also know virtually nothing about this entertaining type of young folks’ television shows. My current favorite television show, simple as it is, is a series re-runs of Gunsmoke.

She then told me about how Miley was the star in the Hannah Montana TV series where she superbly played the role of a typical sweet, innocent and delightful teen age gal who became the sweetheart and idol of millions of Americans. She was feminine innocence personified and many believe that youngsters bought into that role model. For the record, my 12 year old granddaughter told me that the show is a big time bore.

Anyway, my acquaintance directed me to a website of the recent MTV Video Awards show where she struts back and forth upon the stage scantily dressed making sexual gestures and, if I heard correctly, saying something like, “I want it” and placing an object between her legs which leaves nothing to the imagination about what she wants. Then she did her twerking which raised eyebrows.  It shouldn’t have for it was not twanging, which would and should: (More about this in the next post).

She was highly energetic in her performance. I got the message.

Then I went to YouTube and checked out some Hannah Montana scenes and immediately understood why lots of folks were pissed off. What a transition it has been!

I called a couple of savvy mind- analyzing expert friends to give me their reading on this transition. Both agreed her case was similar to Michael Jackson’s who was a child who never had a childhood. Everything he did was controlled by marketing folks from what he wore, said and even how his hair was cut among others controlling factors. When he became a young, not fully matured, independent adult and had lots of money, he rebelled, went wild and did his own thing: So also with Miley.

Whether that’s the way it happened with her will never be known but one thing is fairly certain. Not too long ago, this type of entertainment would not have been permitted for public viewing because of BGL regulations. Miley’s performance is a clear sign of ongoing BGL deregulation in almost every sector of American culture.

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