Do Women in the Orient Enjoy Sex Much More than Women in the Occident? But do Occidental Women Enjoy Sex Much More then Gorilla Women?

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Taoism is a spiritual custom, primarily in China, which embraces the belief in the natural forces of the yin and the yang. In the sexual act the yang is the male ejaculate and the yin is the female vaginal secretions. During sex the yin is believed to contain an abundance of divine energy which it delivers to the male, and, for this reason, men must withhold their ejaculations as long as possible and keep pumping away in order to absorb as much energy as possible from the yin while the women is lying on her back having multiple orgasms.

Tantra, a Hindu custom in India, calls the penis the lingam and the vagina the yoni. As with the Taoists guys, men must instruct their lingams to “hold it in” and not to ejaculate for as long as possible in order to receive the spiritual energy of the yoni. And as with the Chinese ladies, the Indian women lay prone also having multiple orgasms while the male, huffing and puffing and heavy with sweat, is pumping away.

But there is some consolation for the Occidental women for the Occidental male penis, when erected, is the largest and longest of all primates, including the biggest gorillas. The average erection size of the human male penis is about 5.5 inches while that of the gorilla is about 1.24 inches. The average time to come to ejaculation in men is 4 minutes while that of a gorilla is 1 minute. Though it’s impossible to conduct a survey between Occidental women and gorilla women to determine who has more fun during the sexual act, it is reasonable to assume that the latter would come in second.*

Though I haven’t read or heard about this for a long time and don’t know whether this is still believed in our   country, it was taught that the ideal consummation of the sexual act was for both partners to experience their orgasms at the same time. This goes against the pleasures Tao and Tantra ladies for obvious reasons. On the other hand, a sign of masculinity in the old days- and I’m not sure whether it still holds- is that a good “stick man” can stroke away for a long time which favors the yang and yoni pleasures of women. I know of no credible data which favors the men’s pleasure in such situations.

*I’ll periodically repeat in my posts that the conclusions of many studies, even sophisticated medical ones, are flawed and the results questionable. I have found this to be overwhelmingly true in the sex literature including human and animal sex measurements. But there are repeated findings that are more or less consistent that should be respected, if not totally swallowed.

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