Sex and Women: Jack Nicholson versus “G”

The recently released book, Nicholson: A Biography and authored by Marc Elliot, was reviewed in the New York Post by Larry Getlen. (LINK- He writes that Jack Nicholson “… was an unparalleled ladies man who often had a frenzied effect on women.” He and his famous buddies often traded Hollywood beauties between them. In casting for a movie nudity scene, he personally “interviewed” about 100 young ladies who were required to disrobe in front of him in his office in order for him to determine if they had the right credentials for the part. As we say in clinical studies, “That is a large sample size!”

Anjelica Houston, Madonna, Meryl Streep, Joni Mitchell, Julie Delpy and Melanie Griffith were cited as a small slice of a much larger pie of his lady largesse. The following vignette really tickled my cerebral humor zone: After he was interviewed by a young French lady journalist, he said, “I would have tried to have intimate knowledge of you.” She replied, “Twenty years ago you tried to fuck my mother.”

Despite his problem with weight, premature ejaculation and baldness, he managed to keep moving  forward with his ladies. I understand that he was a great fan of recreational drugs.

I was curious what G’s take would be on Nicholson and asked him to read the review. He did, called me and the first thing he said, “ Boy, now and then I wonder how guys like these – Sinatra , Brando and Presley and all these lust for life guys- handle  their ladies  not in quiet chambers of love but in tumultuous and  continuing affairs. But women love these guys and put a lot of almost irresistible sexual pressure on them.  I just read about Usain Bolt from Jamaica, the world’s fastest running sprinter.  After he became an overnight celebrity, he claims that ladies threw themselves at him, and he could get any woman that he wanted in the sack.

I remember very well that when I was a young doctor I was invited by a young lady “of influence” to hear Frank Sinatra sing at Skinny D’Amato’s legendary 500 Club in Atlantic City. The ladies went wildly bananas over him and I, for the first time, experienced the power of male celebrity status’s impact on women’s willingness to copulate with such men. As an aside, I was invited to his dressing room after the performance, and I’ll never forget those eyes. You old timers may remember that he was called “Blue eyes.” His eyes certainly merited that description. They were impressively blue. We chatted for a short time, and he was very gracious.  After I left I wondered how he or anyone else could handle a world of constant adulation.

Returning to G, I asked him what the difference between him and Nicholson is. “Lorenzo, before I answer you, I’ve got to tell you something you’re not going to believe. Nicholson and I are about the same age. For a number of years I was frequently taken for him even at restaurants where I played the role and got special VIP service. For example, one afternoon  I was in Washington Square  walking with a famous Italian entrepreneur, when I was  suddenly surrounded by a group of  college students  virtually imploring me  for my autograph. Though I hadn’t the slightest idea what that was all about , I scribbled my name in an illegible way. At the end of the session one of the polite students said, “Thanks, Mr. Nicholson.

Getting back to the differences- a world! Remember, Lorenzo, I enjoyed my women for mostly single day encounters and almost all were pleasant and even beautiful. There was little or no pain. Even when I was held hostage by a nymphomaniac, as described in the book, it wasn’t painful but adventurous.  This guy gets involved in all kinds of long time affairs many of which are painful. For example, in the book review it’s mentioned that the husband of a lady who Jack was bedding with was extremely jealous.  Nicholson was so scared out of his pants that he slept with a hammer under his pillow in case the guy showed up for revenge purposes. That’s not my style for I hate to suffer or see others suffer. Guys like this are like the ones that dare to climb Mount Everest. They seek adventure and are , in a unique kind of way, sado masochistic, and women are crazy about them. In a sense, Casanova was that way.”

“ G, why do the ladies go for these guys? Is it because they are famous?”

“The celebrity factor is part of it, but you can’t conceive of gals going bananas over  Abbott or Costello or former President, Jimmy Carter. These guys like Warren Beatty have the gift of those x-factors of understanding what a woman’s all about which I also talk about in the book.”

“One last point: You had the ability to have long-term relationships with a number of women. Why didn’t you do it?”

“Lorenzo, as I said before, I don’t like to suffer, and those guys do. Of course, there are other reasons but that’s between me and the gods above.”

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