Simplified Sexual Behavior Categories: Don’t Confuse Homosexuality With Bisexuality

To those of you who are not yet familiar with the BGL or Brain Genital Law, it states that, in order to propagate the human race through heterosexual mating and the production of babies, the brain goes overboard and indiscriminately stimulates and arouses the genitals to copulate in all kinds of ways from fetishes to homosexuality. According to the BGL, all such acts are, like heterosexual ones, natural and to be expected. All societies, however, in one way or another, place limits on its free expression such as prohibiting premarital sex, sodomy and homosexuality.

Though I’m sure it exists, I couldn’t find a simple, practical and easy to understand classification of the categories of the complicated world of human sexual behavior. Unlike the precision of mathematics, the dividing lines among the sexual categories are understandably blurred and oftentimes overlap. But we must at least try to bring some clarity where there is currently confusion and understandable ignorance. The following is a proposed classification:

–       Heterosexuality

–       Bisexuality

–       Homosexuality

–       Changing sexuality

–       Solo Sexuality

–       Fetish Sexuality

–       Pedophilia, Hebephilia and Ephebophilia Sexuality

–       Transgenderism Sexuality

Heterosexuality involves straight forward copulation between a man and a woman which is essential to fulfill the evolutionary mandate to propagate the human race. It is by far the most common type among the categories, and, by the way, the reason why we all exist. On the other hand, there are some heterosexuals who sometimes fantasize about making love to someone of the same sex, but never do. Then there are heterosexuals who not only think about it but who have dabbled with same-sex partners, but only on rare or very infrequent occasions.

Bisexuality is the second most common category and is, for some puzzling reason, universally mislabeled as homosexuality. This, in my opinion, is the most rapidly expanding form of human sexual relations in our country but is, for another puzzling reason, hardly addressed as such. Bisexuals copulate with both sexes. Therefore, as with heterosexuals, bisexuals fulfill the mandate to propagate the race.

Homosexuality is not at all as common as we are led to believe. It involves having virtually exclusive sex with same-sex partners over a person’s lifetime. If we stick to this definition, it is the third less common category and doesn’t fulfill the evolutionary mandate to propagate the race.  Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, in a laborious and admirable attempt to determine how many American men are homosexual, did not isolate, which is virtually impossible to do, bisexuals from bona fide homosexuals. Indirectly, however, his findings indicate that much of what he has come across deals with bisexuality- not homosexuality! (LINK: “How Many American Men are Gay” NY Times December 8, 2013).

Changing sexuality: To complicate things a man and woman may fall into a different sex category at a point in time. They may start out as a homosexual, then to a bisexual, then to a heterosexual. Over the years I’ve known a few of such couples who now appear to have a stable marriage. Of course, the gender passage can go in the opposite direction where heterosexuals end up with homosexual partners. I’ve also known a few of them.

Fetishes are multiple in types ranging from domination to golden rain to foot-worshiping and are becoming increasingly prevalent among both sexes. There is little information on how often fetishes culminate into a heterosexual act but we can reasonably assume that they are not major players in propagating the human race.

Pedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia: (LINK TO PAST POST). Though reliable data are virtually impossible to come by involving adults having sexual relationships with prepubescent children and teens up to the age of nineteen, it is almost certain that they are all increasing due to our rapidly changing sexual values and decreasing parental supervision.  Bottom line, they are not a factor in producing new babies.

Solo- Sexuality deals mainly with masturbation and in vitro fertilization. Our exploding rate of masturbation is, in large part, due to the Internet. A man or woman now has access- at the immediate time of desire and without barriers- to Internet porno which provides the whole ball of wax of ways to stimulate the BGL. Masturbation, without the need of studies or surveys to convince the most skeptical of minds, will not propagate the race. In his book, Confessions, the French philosopher, Jean-Jaques Rousseau, openly spoke about his sexual life including his masochism and exhibitionism. I do not share this type of openness. But I can imagine that, if I were young and had readily available to me all BGL stimuli at an instant, I would not be inclined to read Shakespeare’s Hamlet or study Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  Regarding in vitro fertilization or IVF, these methods, which are growing in number, will increase baby production but which outcomes will not be known until the future. I would strongly advise that caution on these evolving procedures be taken.

Transgenderism is a very small but rapidly evolving and complicated social-legal category in America. It’s when someone’s BGL tells his or her mind that their body represents the wrong sex. Transgender sex will have minimal impact on the propagation of the human species.

I hope this attempt at sexual classification sheds some light on the complexities of human sexual behavior. I would, however, like to add that I’m particularly intellectually interested in the bursting forth of bisexual behavior. The issue of homosexuality has held national interest based on the controversy of homosexual marriage. But bisexuality is the much larger issue of our changing times.

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  1. Joseph M. Valenzano, Jr. | Reply


    What classification would you put Obama in? Based on what I read and see, he is most Definitely bi-sexual and prefers to do it while Reading the Harvard Business Review to give The impression he is intellectual while doing It. My guess is that he does it with that dyke Valerie Jarret, Michelle and Harry Reid with an occasional tryst with Nancy Pelosi when he Finishes with the cats

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  2. Hm. It’s a nice attempt to try to classify it out, but I always thought classifications of sexuality were overrated. I feel like no matter how good your schematization gets, there will always be someone excluded. Plus, i feel like sexuality is fluid and you could change from one category to the next, so envisioning yourself in one category might actually prevent you from exploring your sexuality. I do like your attempt though!


  3. Bisexuality isn’t ‘exploding’ onto the scene despite the recent revelation that bisexuals do, in fact, exist. I’ve been bi for 49 or my 58 years; I personally know other bisexuals who are about my age and even older so it’s been around for a long time… but more and more bisexuals are either being exposed or are coming out of the closet we’ve had to hide in because while we do engage in homosexual sex, we’re not totally homosexual and I can’t think of a single bisexual that I know who’d like being called gay.

    For decades, we’ve looked at human sexuality from only two perspectives: heterosexual and homosexual; you were either one or the other and because of this very narrow view, if you were bisexual, it was just easier to put a bisexual into the homosexual basket – keeps everything nice and neat, as it were. Because homosexuality was (and probably still is) considered an aberration, putting a bisexual into the homosexual basket made sense because society was just looking at one side of the equation; it’s as if we didn’t stop to consider that while a bisexual may have homosexual sex, they also have heterosexual sex, too.

    We’ve spent those decades being in denial that bisexuals exist; we continue to ‘insist’ that bisexuals are the ones in denial about being gay, going through some sort of phase, and are otherwise confused… and that’s just not true and the evidence is out there to be seen… if we want to see it. To that end, we’d rather believe the misconceptions than the truth and that’s just silly.

    My own thoughts about bisexuality is that while we’ve been behind the scenes for a very long time, more and more people are finding that bisexuality adds an extra dimension to their existence and even if it’s just for the sex; it’s not as sexually limiting as being straight or gay is. A lot of men are learning that they can have homosexual sex and it’s not going to impact their sense of being a man – it’s just another sexual pleasure. I’m guessing that more women are delving into bisexuality for the emotional context that men aren’t able to provide as well as the sex; I like this thought more than the one I’ve been hearing lately, i.e., women are faking being bisexual in order to get men to pay attention to them. Perhaps some of them are but I think they’re the exception rather than the rule.

    People are looking for more sex and other forms of intimacy and being bisexual fits the bill rather nicely. I think we’re finally starting to understand that our sexuality isn’t just black and white and we’re finally starting to admit to ourselves that while we have that biological imperative to reproduce, humans are about doing things that make them feel good and we’re adjusting our sexual behaviors to facilitate this. We’ve spent centuries trying to suppress human sexuality and limit it to just reproducing… and we’re finding out in many ways that there’s more to our sexuality than reproducing.

    I do think, however, that we’re making bisexuality (in particular) a lot more complicated than it really is.


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